I want to bring all my kids up to date about something that is a big part of my  life.(hearing from God).

According to the Bible, God does speak to people, but sometimes in different ways.  For me, when I take walks or walk around the house praying in tongues, as the Bible describes, I am often able to immediately interpret. This used to happen with me often, in our previous church, so your mom is kind of used to it. Also, I believe God has spoken to your mom several times over the years as well, but in a different way.

Anyway, for me, this has happened so many times at home, that I began to carry my phone while I praying, so I could record any interpretations. This is needed because the interpretation comes so fast, like a Download, that there is no way I’m smart enough to remember it unless I recorded it. The praying/download time has ranged from a few seconds to 12 minutes.

This is not feeling or thoughts or something I pondered. I’m not that smart. It’s exact “word for word” interpretations. Some of them are personal and some seem like they are meant to be shared.  Anyway, about 4 years ago, I started making recordings and then typing them out, in case I ever needed to share it with anyone. Deciding whether or not to share some of the “words” was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. It’s easier to do nothing.

But, when I stand before God one day, I don’t want to be guilty of not sharing what I believe He gave me to share. I do not believe I’m a prophet. I am not psychic. There is a lot I don’t know. I do believe God speaks to people on occasion (including you). I expect that you all have experienced that at one point or another in your life, even if it was just the call to receive salvation.

Anyway, I got really convicted lately to share some of the “words” I received. At least I wanted my kids to have access to them. So, l recently created this web site to post some of the words, along with audio, which I put on YouTube. I’m not looking for attention, or likes or followers. I didn’t even put my full name on the site. So, only people who know me will even know where the content came from. After sifting through dozens of recordings, I have decided to put about a dozen of them online… so far. I may or may not post more in the future. I know this is highly unusual. But, I feel obligated to share some of it. If it’s from God, then I trust it will speak to your heart. I did not make up the words. I recorded them word for word, usually interpreting one sentence at a time. Of course the Bible is your ultimate source of truth and authority. But, the scriptures do say that God speaks to people.

It’s a big deal to me because it’s so real to me. Imagine praying in tongues, and immediately getting the interpretation time and time again. Also imagine over many years seeing confirmations and fulfillment from previous “words” coming to pass with accuracy. I did not really choose this. This is just part of who I am. Fortunately, God does not require us to be perfect, in order to be used.

Surely God uses people in different ways. And, you all have amazing potential. As you learn to walk with God, like never before, and His Spirit “kicks in”, beyond your natural abilities, I am confident that God will use you to do things beyond anything you could have hoped for or imagined.

If you want to see or hear the words I felt obligated to share so far,
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Read the entire home page for context and background info and click each link for text or audio.

P.S. I am accountable to mom and a few other Christians.